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Sphinax Info Systems is a Business Transformation specialist organisation helping companies harness the true power of SAP and are expertise in Java, SAP support ,web design and Software Development Company based in Chennai, India., Supply Chain Optimization, and Business Integration. Focusing on IT enabled Business Transformation solutions for maximizing Client's ROI and leveraging People, Processes and Technology to enhance competitiveness of our clients. It also provide flexible delivery models to deliver fixed-price, fixed-time solutions, Flexible AMC Support for achieving measurable business results.
Our complete SAP solutions will help you through the entire SAP lifecycle. Sphinax info systems software and support services focus on mySAP ERP, mySAP Business One Suite and SAP NetWeaver. Working solely in the SAP market, we provide best practice solutions to enterprises of all sizes.


Create single or Multiple PO's and goods Receipt, link purchase documents, view trails for auditing purposes, manage Multiple currencies Manage Inventories using various costing models, Maintain ITEM Master data, and use Multiple Unit of measure and pricing. Create and use Multi- level BOM, issue Production orders manually or back flush method.


Sphinax Info Systems is a SAP Service provider to support "end-to-end" services and solutions, ranging from supporting strategy, development through to enterprise solutions and technology decision. It is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes.

Java Web Application Development

Sphinax Info Systems implement cutting edge JAVA basedsupport and application development including J2EE, J2ME applications etc. with multi-tier architecture platforms like Struts, Spring, Hibernate etc. Our flows are defining goals, analyze, design, coding, debugging, delivery and maintenances if needed.

HR Support

Sphinax Info Systems, Hr support team can assist with the set up and development of policies, procedures and payroll for start up businesses as well as assisting with compliance, benefits administration and employee relations for established business. Generally if you spend more than 30%-35% of your time dealing with HR Related issues, it is time to consider outsourcing.

Hardware Support

Sphinax have well engineered team to provide quality services like system installation, software installation, router and server installation, maintenance and services. Sphinax also provide whole network service for the company by providing connectivity through LAN/WAN/MAN, Internet, Intranet, Intercomm support and also provide Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) in yearly basis.

Web Design & Development

We are pride in delivering complete solutions from the concept stage, defining goals, assisting through graphic design, database program and launching of the new web site. We provide consultation, regular updating or re-designing of websites, banner, brochure and layout design, animation work, payment gateway integration.

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Sphinax offers Java web application development, Sap support and Web design and development.

Our business strategy built on our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing to help clients perform at the highest levels. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world.

Our Expertise

Our Engineers deliver responsive, creative, innovative and Perfect solutions based on a deep understanding on the requirement of the client. Our experience encompasses all the major industry sectors including mobile, SAP support and java development

SAP ERP Implementation/Support


SAP Business One


Java Development & Web Design


HR Outsourcing Services


Infrastructure & Support


GPS Tracking


Our Services

Sphinax-Business process consulting

Sphinax provide analysis and advice to improve an organization's productivity, usually by refining strategy or infrastructure. Consulting firms can offer general business services or specialize in a specific aspect of business.

Sphinax uses standard layout grid which gives their clients the ability to visualize their sites in an organized way and provides a framework to quickly and efficiently create dependable and clean websites. The designs tend to be simple geometric, and clean.
Sphinax web development services aims at executing dynamic applications that would meet the growing business needs on the web. Our technical capabilities allow us to deliver development of every complexity: from simple scripts to complex applications.
Sphinax Info Systems will help you reinforce your online business taking advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming. Our professional Web development services combining appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools. Websites designed with Microsoft .NET, Java/J2EE, PHP/MySQL (LAMP), AJAX.
People usually search everything on search engines. So, you should have better search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing or in other search engines to acquire more traffic. If you are not on the first page for your product related keywords, you are loosing thousands of traffic daily and loosing business.
Research confirms that 76% of search engine visitors clicks on natural results while other clicks on paid listing or ads around the results. So, organic and paid both listing is important for a business. Sphinax help brands in increasing organic listing in search engines under our SEO services. And in getting more traffic via paid campaigns under our SEM campaigns.
Sphinax development team evaluates your online business objectives and offers 100% unique solutions tailored to meet your exact e-commerce website requirements.
Sphinax delivers full-fledged e-commerce sites that are integrated with a number of elegant features, including taxation programs, shipping services, payment gateways, making your online business experience more convenient.
Sphinax offers you a diverse set of services such as CMS Development, Open Source CMS Development and CMS Portal Development that is tailored to your needs. We provide customized services at affordable rates. Our team is experienced in developing the perfect CMS that contains all the necessaryspecifications to meet all your requirements.
We regularly update our technology and programming tools to the latest available on the market, so as to offer you the best services and solutions.
Our Java developers dedicatedly work on various verticals of Java/J2EE development to deliver the business solution to enterprises of all the sizes. Talented pool of Java programmers at our company is enriched with several years of experience in Java development services. We are adroit at delivering remarkable and competitive solutions to precisely in line with clients needs. Sphinax Info Systems has proven expertise to design complex Java applications. We provide reliable and secured software applications built on Java. Our enterprise applications are scalable, robust and platform independent.
Sphinax Info Systems provides enterprise grade hosting technology that can power large or rapidly scaling application workload requirements. Our NOC team can offer you full hosting support for both Linux and Microsoft platforms.
Our datacenter servers are based on Intel's Nehalem architecture, which provides 1.25x - 2x times the performance of the existing Intel Xeon processors. We also support major network and storage operating systems from DELL, Brocade - (ICX and VDX).
Sphinax info systems


Deploying and maintaining high value-added practices impacts operational efficiency and market responsiveness appreciably. With intensified business process management come the swift realization of business goals and increased profit margins.


  • Finding simplicity in complexity
  • Beauty as well as functionality
  • Improving quality of experience
  • Creating elegant solutions
  • Serving the requirement of client
  • Technologies

    With the help of Sphinax you can make an online presence, and sell your products on a global scale by simply creating a website and employ social media marketing as a great way to market your products, services and business using advanced technologies.

    Sphinax extends the capability to help better align IT to your business strategy and ensures you have the capacity to deliver. Sphinax consults and work with you to understand your key challenges and will suggest the appropriate support services relevant to your specific requirements.
    Sphinax takes care of getting started, to in-life delivery and customer care, continuous improvement and change management, right through to ensuring IT is fully aligned to your business strategy.

    What our client says?

    I can not tell how helpful, respectful and proactive this team is. I am a complete novice and was met with a level of service and support I have never encountered to date. Satisfied your supporting service and maitenance.


    True Professionals, very helpful and dedicative. Your support team is fantastic.

    Sphinax helped me with focus and now we were not only growing, but more importantly working with our ideal clients

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