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Our ERP software provides a smooth and friendly relationship with franchisee, franchisor and their customers. Our Company develops ERP with domain knowledge and software technology knack to develop the best of ERP solutions. Sphinax's ERP software will increase the growth of the business and manage all the branches from one place. It helps to save time and and able to monitor the all Franchisee from any part of the world.

"Franchise Management supply comprehensive read of enterprise-wide operations and contour communications between franchisees and franchisers."

what is Franchise?

The franchisee the right to market a product or service using the operating methods of the franchisor. A franchise is the license or agreement between two legally independent parties.

There are two main types of Franchises, product distribution and business format.

Product distribution franchises simply sell the franchisor’s product and supplier-dealer relationships. In it, the franchisor licenses it's trademark and emblem to the franchisees however generally doesn't give them with a whole system for running their business. The industries wherever you most frequently realize this sort of franchising are beverage distributors, automobile dealers and gas stations. samples of product distribution franchisee are: Coke, Exxon, Toyota motor company. though product distribution franchising represents the biggest share of total retail sales, most franchises accessible these days are business format opportunities.

Business format franchises isn't only use a franchisor’s product, service and trademark, but the complete methodology to conduct the business itself, appreciate the merchandising got wind of and operations manuals. Business format franchises unit the foremost common variety of franchise.

franchise management ERP software

Popular Franchising industries

• Automotive
• Retail
• Fast food
• Service
• Restaurants
• Maintenance
• Building and construction

Franchise ERP Modules

• My account of franchiser
• Activity and History Module
• What your competitor doing
• Response centre
• Query and response
• Mandatory documents
• Negotiation panel
• Franchise process and status
• Buy contact details
• My response

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