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Indian based schools, Precolleges and other educational organisations face stress to control their expenditures, while improving the quality of education standards and also to meet the student’s expectations.

"Our SMS [School Management Software] ERP is an application which makes easier for user to manage their records and have the track of all students, faculties and other activities."

Why School ERP

SIS software helps schools to meet their challenges and to reduce their costs and improve their overall efficiency to achieve the organisational achievements.

Manage day to day activities with our school management software that has the main features like accounts, fund raising, inventory, school fee management and more Several times ago, people were using paperwork's to manage their school and administration activities.

There were more complication to find the information because of different file works by different staffs. To update the information day by day became more complex.

School administration give the office to oversee data constant. It serves to making time table, classroom booking, and overseeing data of the student, teacher, and other staff. This furnishes office to make correspondence with the parents, students, teacher ongoing.

school management ERP software

Features of School ERP

• Multi-User Functionality
• Customizable Modules And Plugins
• Free Demonstration
• Data Security And Backup
• Cost And Energy Saving
• SMS And Email Integration
• Dynamic Plugins
• Online And On-Site Client Support
• User-Interface

School ERP Modules

• Admission & Fees
• Student Administration
• Scholarship & Concession
• Attendance
• Examination
• SMS & Email
• Finance
• Payroll & Leave
• Establishment or Service Book
• Website
• Library
• E-Learning
• Stores
• Hostels
• School Bus Management

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