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Payroll & Statutory Management Services

HR services are the basic back bone of a company or an organization. In that payroll plays a major role and it consists of formulated and integrated list of form for every employees. It is very important to manage a company’s finance in an efficient way.As the procedures and rules are variating in human resource, the payroll also grow along the same path satisfying all dynamics.

Our statutory compliance is a must for every organization or company that teaches how to treat the employees. Organization‘s time and finanace are consumed by providing compliance to those laws.Provident fund, wages, maternity benefits are covered in our HR services and our expert guidance would guide you in statutory compliance measures if necessary.

Our Contract staffing is the process of contracting employees and they are individually chosen. So the chosen employees are more professional. Contract staffing helps organization to add the selected employees to their workforce and in specific environment immediately. This helps to reduce work load on already working individual employee and morale is maintained. Contract staffing also helps organization to proceed with the unsuccessful projects where the organization is ready and interested to invest much. In those scenario, the professionals are roped to work on the projects through contract staffing.

We also help company by conducting HR audit to identify the lapses & gaps in implementing the HR functions and guide in achieving the organizational goal.

Payroll consultant

Payroll is an inevitable function of any organization.

To increase income within the organization, the payroll function can be outsourced. With new taxation laws, statutory compliance and the new assessment of manpower and resources, a complete solution is required for operating payroll with accuracy and trust.

Sphinax helps its clientele to eliminate the general headache caused bypayroll process,statutory compliance and helps manage potential risk involved. We are serving as a payroll consultant in chennai and looking for an oppurtunity to expand ourself beyond borders and overseas.

Payroll services

Statutory compliance Administration

Provident Fund

• Deposit of statutory deductions from salaries like PF/ESI/PT etc
• Verification and submission of the filled up Nomination forms
• Transfer forms and Withdrawal forms received from employees
• Preparation and filing of monthly returns
• Preparation and filing of Annual Returns

Employee State Insurance

• Preparation of ESI Challan and Remittance
• Preparation and filing of half yearly ESI returns
• Filing of ESI declaration forms of the employees with ESI

Professional Tax

• Preparation of Form 5 and Remittance

Statutory compliance

Contract Staffing Firm

Sphinax assist its clientele by providing with contract staffs and temperory manpower. We satisfy our clients with our staffing facilities for their immediate business requirement.
We work in behalf of client by hiring permanent or temporary resources and pick up the rightfull resource for our client.
We select the employees based on the skill provided by you and send it to the client. Once the process from the client is completed, we add the candidate profile to our payroll system. Once the resource is attached with our payroll, the employee starts working for the client with immediate effect.
We also send our resource to client place to work for them if needed. And also provide the resource for certain period of days or month for the client with mutual agreement.
We are the best staffing consultant and contract staffing firm and maintaining our services in chennai. We are looking further to expand our services overseas.
We perform contract staffing services for small, medium and large scale industries and IT/Non-IT sectors. We are mainly providing our staffing for SAP B1, SAP R3, SAP Hana installation, implementation and support services. We have skilled resource who can handle alone with the skills Production planning, Material Management, Sale & Distribution, ABAP. We also provide Techno SAP consultant resource for our client. And we concentrte our services towards skills like SAP ,Java, UI, Android, Ecommerce, SEO, IT infrastructure management.

Contract Staffing

HR Auditing

Why Sphinax’s HR audit?

To find the area for improvisation and correct it. Our HR audit will work effectively towards standardization of client’s current functions and procedures.

HR audit is conducted to evaluate the performance of HR Department and its current practices, procedures and policies towards attaining the organizational goals.
HR audit also identify the lapses, gaps, shortcomings in the implementation of HR functions and provide you with suggestions to improvise.

HR audit includes:
• Compliances
• Records (personnel files, applications, etc.)
• Compensations
• Attendance & Leave management
• Performance appraisal system
• Policies and procedures
• Terminations
• Health, safety and security
• Employee relations
• Deductions

HR Audit

Why Sphinax for HR Services ?

• We provide our client’s, the opportunity to focus on core business areas.
• We serve our HR services with the latest trend and with our best approach.
• We analyse the operation of the client with our experience and we help them with suitable service to achieve their goal.
• We customize each and every activities of HR activity to suit the client’s business requirement.
• We would be good business initiatives for your business.
• Services on the basis of weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly.
• Improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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