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We are expert in ERP implemantation for manufacturing industries. Our ERP development process mainly focused on good quality, timely deliver, Free support and maintanance. In manufacturing ERP consist of the basic modules are implementation, stock maintanance, sales, human resource, Production Entry, Job Masters and reports.

"Our goal is to deliver good quality products to our clients. Our packages are simple and easy to use."

Manufacturing ERP Functions

ERP Manufacturing is a flexible, Scalable web based solution for manufacturing Industry in chennai with a primary focus on Small to medium manufacturing Units.

Manufacturing ERP software works at reducing the cost of the company such as material, inventory, and labor cost. It is done through demand-driven procurement, and many other tools that reduce the cost of operation.

Manufacturers are always searching for new levels of potency and gain through inventory reductions, inflated productivity, higher management of fabric acquisition, improved quality, and reduced lead times. They have full cooperation across production, materials, planning, engineering, finance and sales/marketing with tight information and method management—not solely to boost productivity, however to catch production before they become larger problems.

The challenge is to find the right software that fits your industry that is Sphinax Info Systems

manufacturing erp software

Manufacturing ERP Software Modules

• Admin
• Human Resource
• Productions
• Job Masters
• Internal Word Order
• Production Entry
• Reports
• Inventory

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