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SAP HANA is an innovation that enables clients to fasten the pace of advancement, by giving data to better basic decision-making over the venture. Line supervisers and financial teams working in large complex ERP environment remain to receive huge rewards when they can get to expanded measures of information deliver reports speedier and break down data better, in contrast with customary database frameworks. Here are some genuine cases of uses that SAP HANA makes conceivable.

A supply-chain dashboard that shows deals orders, stock levels and conveyances, which can be utilized to display anticipated stock outs and predict where potential deferrals in the production network exist before they happen

A planning dashboard that shows item number, use and downtime, which can be utilized to change the need of support plans for reaction to certifiable

A credit administration screen that shows anticipated credit levels and evaluations in light of installment history and current and anticipated requests, which can be utilized to prescribe credit constrain increments or to put a stop on forward requests

Key Highlights of SAP HANA

SAP HANA transforms DBMS - It processes transactions and analytics in-memory on one information copy – to deliver time period insights from live information. It additionally simplifies operations with trendy tools and a secure, rock-solid foundation.

SAP HANA transforms information management - The platform embeds information virtualization (including integration, federation and replication) and quality capabilities to apace access and analyze information from any supply – effectively eliminating silos.

SAP HANA transforms analytic intelligence - It delivers advanced processing for text, spatial, graph, and series information in one system. Plus, it provides deeper insights with powerful prophetical analysis and machine learning capabilities.

SAP HANA transforms app development - The next-gen platform offers versatile development and readying tools to assist you quickly image, validate, build, and deliver good and trendy applications that run on premise or within the cloud.

Our Best Approach

Regardless of whether an association is moving a current SAP ERP Solution or leading another execution activity, Sphinax has built up an extraordinary approach for distinguishing the capability of SAP HANA selection. In light of our profound specialized ability and broadness of business process understanding, we can distinguish the most suitable business situation and guarantee the snappiest time to an incentive for any SAP HANA selection.

In all cases we work with customers utilizing SAP HANA confirmation of ideas and SAP HANA esteem focused guides to meet particular business objectives. This approach intends to acclimate clients with the SAP HANA stage and gives data to help assemble a sound business case for a pilot SAP HANA arrangement.

We offer altered applications on SAP HANA to address particular business challenges. Bundled as a total arrangement, i.e. equipment, programming and administrations, these can be offered on start or as a cloud-based arrangement.
Our arrangement of S/4 HANA-driven administrations will help change your business

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